Saveur ’19 Blog Awards – I need your nomination!

The 10th annual Saveur Blog Awards are here: a celebration of the bloggers, cooks, photographers, and travelers who are telling the most exciting stories on the web. And this is your chance to tell us who to celebrate. Fill out the nomination form below to tell us who you think is making the best recipes and taking the most inspiring photos.

Elmarie Berry Good Food is a tribute to my way of life. This life includes discovering new wines and food and wine pairings. To sourcing seasonal food and keeping it local and simple and making difficult recipes easy to make. It is a way for me to explore healthier ways to cook and enjoying my kitchen whilst cooking for friends and family. To being active and to traveling and learning more. To love and appreciate people and life. To being content.

When I am not in my kitchen, I love being outside enjoying the beauty of the Cape with my family and of course, sharing a bottle of wine with my husband and friends.

Before becoming a food blogger, I was a chef where I focussed on fine dining. Since then, I found my true passion when I realised there was a gap in the market for unique food and wine pairings. I then discovered even more about myself when I began styling and photographing my own work.

With my experience in fine dining, I am now able to use all the different techniques which I learnt through my food journey and it brings me immense pleasure in being able to share these tricks. I want to share these “short cuts” I have discovered; short cuts that have made my life in the kitchen more fun, and how to make difficult food in an easy way and still wow your guests.


If you enjoy my food blog I would really appreciate your nomination!

Saveur Blog Awards


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