Peanut Butter Mouse


I created this recipe out of need for a caramel treat in my house. It was a Sunday afternoon and the kids baked a chocolate cake and wanted to ice the cake and I had nothing in the house to ice it with. So I thought that all of us love peanut butter and that’s where this recipe came from.  For Easter I crack the top part of the candy coated hollow milk chocolate eggs open and fill them with this super easy peanut butter mousse.



1 cup peanut butter; the best you can find (I use Good Eats Peanut Butter)

1 cup whipping cream

2 tablespoons of honey


Peanut Butter Mouse Easter -



Beat the cream until it forms soft peaks, add your peanut butter and honey and beat until it is mixed well.  You can use this now in between your cake layers, as a treat with some salted nuts or into your Easter eggs.


Peanut Butter Mouse Easter -




Floral Design and Styling: Kadou

Photographer: Lindy Kriek

Teepee: Tiny Tailor Teepee Co

Childrens Clothes: Annapatat Kids

Serviettes: Samesyn

Models: Elizna & Jacobus Stofberg (Parent:  Beatri Stofberg)


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