Choc Cross Bun


On Easter morning we as a family and all the cousins went to the Andrew Murry Church in Bloemfontein. After Church we went to Granny’s house for hot cross buns. Of course then the Easter egg hunt followed.  When I got children of my own I wanted to keep that tradition of Easter, everything stayed the same except all the cousins and the hot cross buns… my kids and hubby doesn’t like raisins in baked stuff.  So I started baking cinnamon buns every Easter Sunday and put a cross on top of each one so that they would look like a hot cross bun.




210ml lukewarm milk

60g butter

815ml flour

50ml sugar

1 packet of instant yeast

1 large egg beaten



50ml butter, soften

125ml brown sugar

10ml cinnamon

10ml cacoa powder

250ml nuts (optional)



Mix together 150ml flour, 50ml oil, 125ml milk and 2 ml salt.



Mix the flour, yeast, salt and sugar together.

Heat the milk and the butter together until luke warm, add the egg and mix together.

Add to the dry ingredients, I use an electric beater to knee the dough for 5 minutes until it looks like satin.

Let it prove until double in size.  In the meantime mix all the ingredients for the filling except the nuts.

Roll out the dough and spread the filling all over the dough and sprinkle the nuts if you are using them over the dough.

Roll up length-ways, cut into 2 cm slices, and pack the slices into a greased baking tray or muffin pans. Cover to rise double in size.

Just before you put them into the oven, put the cross mixture into a zip lock bag cut the end open and pipe a cross over each one and bake for 25 minutes at 180C– 200C.


Choc Cross Bun -



Floral Design and Styling: Kadou

Photographer: Lindy Kriek

Teepee: Tiny Tailor Teepee Co

Childrens Clothes: Annapatat Kids

Serviettes: Samesyn

Models: Elizna & Jacobus Stofberg (Parent:  Beatri Stofberg)


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