Capegate Gin Cocktail

Presented by Triple Three Gin and Montagu Dried Fruit and Nuts


• 750 ml of Triple Three Gin – Citrus Infusion
• 100 g of Montagu Dried Fruit & Nuts Cranberries
• Lime Peel


1. Place the cranberries in a Jar. Peel a lime without the white part of the skin.
2. Pour in the gin, seal the jar, and give it a firm shake to mix. Keep the jar in a cabinet or another dark area at room temperature for about three weeks, gently shaking every day.
3. To bottle, use a strainer set inside a fine mesh strainer or combine a strainer with cheese cloth inside a funnel to catch all the fruit debris.
4. Rinse and shake out the strainer(s), funnel, and infusion jar.
5. Repeat the straining back into the jar, rinse out the bottle, then strain again to refill the bottle.
6. Pair the gin, and garnish with mint, a slice of lime and dried cranberries.

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