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Olive Oil and Home Grown Greens take pride of place at TOKARA

2019-10-10T20:53:05+02:00 Blog, Work With Me - Review/Blog Feature|

I was so privileged to be invited to taste the award winning olive oils from Tokara. Gert told us everything that we should know about olive oils and the flavours in the oils. We paired the olive oils with fresh herbs out of Tokara's brand new greenhouse. It was a memroble day for a [...]

Finding Tranquility in Wellington

2018-11-16T06:13:00+02:00 Blog, Wine Farms, Work With Me - Review/Blog Feature|

Driving 57 km westward from Stellenbosch lies the beautiful town of Wellington.  Located in the Bovlei Valley, outside Wellington, is a beautifully refurbished Cape Dutch property dating from 1799, called Andreas, and co-owned by Angela Croft. I had the privilege of being invited to spend a night at Andreas by Angela, and the moment we [...]

Wondrous Coconut Oil

2018-10-16T17:41:26+02:00 Blog, Work With Me - Review/Blog Feature|

Virgin coconut oil, cold-pressed from the white “meat” of the coconut, consists almost entirely of the saturated fatty acids lauric acid and myristic acid. Its unusual fatty acids profile means that coconut oil cannot contain harmful transfats, since these can only be created out of mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids. Indeed, the high content of [...]

Visit: Lanzerac Hotel & Spa

2019-08-23T08:39:47+02:00 Blog, Featured, Wine Farms, Work With Me - Review/Blog Feature, Work With Me - Wine Estates|

As the Phoenix rises out of the ashes and emerges new from something that has been destroyed; this is Lanzerac. This wine estate has a very special place in my heart; it is where my passion for wine, food styling and photography started.  My very first review and post on my blog was on [...]

Kayamandi Township Tour with Thembi Koli

2018-10-16T17:42:00+02:00 Blog, Travel, Work With Me - Review/Blog Feature|

The Kayamandi township tour in Stellenbosch is led by passionate and stylish Thembi Koli, Kayamandi’s own diva tour guide. Thembi is the third generation growing up in Kayamandi and in her own words “breathes” Kayamandi and is involved in various projects in the community. Kayamandi means “pleasant or sweet home” in Xhosa. On arrival, [...]

A Passionate conversation with Cellar Master, Nico Grobler, from Eikendal Wine Estate

2018-10-16T17:42:19+02:00 Wine Farms, Work With Me - Review/Blog Feature, Work With Me - Wine Estates|

Excellent wine, excellent setting with passion – Eikendal Wine Estate Today I was invited to visit the farm and learn more about it. Not that Eikendal is new to me, as we went there for the past 5 years and we love their wines! The setting is beautiful and kiddies friendly, with the restaurant there [...]